Do you know where your vehicles are?
Manage your fleet now.

Installing and activating a GPS tracking device enables you to pinpoint the location of your vehicle. Whether it is one unit or a whole fleet, you will have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

TrackLink pairs global standard GPS technology with premium service to help each business realize its full potential. Each device reports to a secure server in real-time and allows web-based data viewing anytime of the day. Analysis of this information allows a business to optimize assets and increase efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Manage your fleet in real-time with web access
  • Monitor location, speed, and fuel levels
  • Mark points of interest
  • Define perimeters
  • Trip route monitoring
  • Notifications for deviant driver behavior
  • Land and sea coverage
Vehicle and Driver
  • One-way communication
  • SMS alerts for deviant driver behavior
  • Generate reports from recorded data
  • Get vehicle details and fuel level readings
  • Review driver performance per trip
Run a More
Efficient Fleet
  • Increase cost effectivity
  • Reduce fleet expenses
  • Increase driver productivity and accountability
  • Panic button
  • Remote vehicle shutdown

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